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Sign up to take part in our second Play In A Day event! 

This high-octane theatre development competition invites theatre groups from all levels of experience to create a completely original, never-before-seen, ten minute play and win prizes!

On June 11th at 7pm all teams will meet at the EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts to receive their theme for their play. Each team will be assigned a different theme. Then it's time to plan! Start outlining, deciding what you'll need to set pieces and costumes, lights and sounds. A technician from the EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts and Spark Theatre's Techincal Director will be on hand with your choices for lighting cues, sound effects and lighting. A stock of costumes, props, and furniture pieces will also be available. Due to health concerns, anyone wishing to supply all their own props and costumes are encouraged to do so.

The teams are welcome to stay at the Rawlinson Centre until 10pm, then return on June 12th at 10am for more prep and rehearsal time. At 7pm the curtains go up, and the plays will be performed. Order will be determined by random draw.

Updates will be emailed to the Team Contact as the event comes closer, so please enter an email address that you check often in the registration form.

Meet our adjudicator, Joshua Beaudry!


Joshua is a Saskatchewan-based actor, director, and improvisor with 20 years of professional theatre experience in over seventy plays. He is a co-founder of Saskatoon’s indie theatre collective Live Five. Joshua’s most recent acting credit was performing in Shakespeare On The Saskatchewan’s production of Macbeth in the title role. He has received numerous Saskatchewan and Area Theatre Award nominations and wins for his work both as an actor and director.


He has had the pleasure of working with many of Saskatchewan’s great theatres including Persephone Theatre, The Globe Theatre, Shakespeare on The Saskatchewan, Dancing Sky Theatre, Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre, and Live Five. Joshua has been a member of the improv company The Saskatoon Soaps since 2002.

A quick note before filling out your registration....

Each team is required to have an assigned stage manager to call the show, and a director to have final say on your team's production. In total your team can be up to five people, but those two positions must be assigned beforehand.

The Team Contact person will be receiving all the communication for the team. They are not required to be part of the performance but if they are, they still need to be entered separately as part of your team.

The director and other team members can be more than one position.

A $50 registration fee is due on the first day: June 11th.