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AUDITIONS: The Full Monty
by Simon Beaufoy

August 3rd at 6pm & August 7th @ 1pm
Jam Street Shared Arts Space (1026 1st Avenue West, Prince Albert)

Based on the 1997 film, Spark Theatre presents Simon Beaufoy's "The Full Monty" as adapted for the stage, live at the EA Rawlinson Centre in March of 2022! Directed by Adreanna Boucher & Cara Stelmaschuk.


GAZ: male, Nathan's father, 30s or 40s
DAVE: male, 30s or 40s
GERALD: male, 40s or 50s
LOMPER: male, 20s or 30s
GUY: male, 20s or 30s
HORSE: black male, 50s or 60s
NATHAN: Gaz's son, TBD
LINDA: Gerald's wife
MANDY: Gaz's ex-wife
BARRY: Mandy's new beau
JEAN: Dave's wife
ENSEMBLE ROLES: Alf, Terry, Bee, Alan, Michelle, Anne, police officers, social worker, interviewers

* cast descriptions are a guideline, not necessarily cast in stone *


October 20th to 23rd, 2022
EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts

Tickets will be available when we announce our entire season.

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